Japanese mentality to work and yet another public holiday

a man getting frustrating but enduring and an old lady being happy with her grandson illustrated by Yukari Wilson 2019 for Native Expat

Compared to Australians who switch their jobs every 2-3 years (or working on 6 months contract a time), I have an impression that Japanese stick to their job where you enter a company as a graduate and (if you're a man) stick around until you receive your golden watch on the way out to retirement. … Continue reading Japanese mentality to work and yet another public holiday

Japanese triangular communication method

Japanese triangle communication method digitally illustrated by native expat 2019 yukari wilson

“Can you please wait a day or two for my share of work dinner expense from last night because I’ve spent all my pocket money…help me save my face or my wife will get mad!” “I came back to work after a couple of days after my wife gave birth. She seemed to be handling … Continue reading Japanese triangular communication method