About me

Hello, I am Yukari.

A Japanese who have lived 2/3 of her life in the sunny and chilled out Australia who’s returned to Japan and expecting myriads of reverse culture shocks.  

Due to my upbringing, a lot of Japanese think I’m a foreigner (or a ‘half’) and Aussies assume I’m an Aussie – I feel like I am an expat in my native land.

With this unique perspective, I want to document and share what I (re)discover about my culture, living in Tokyo, travelling in Japan and being away from my second home, Australia.

Short bio:

-Born in Tokyo to Japanese parents as a left-handed second child, my sister and I started to learn English since we were two years old.

-Three-11 years old: Studied at an international school in Yokohama, Japan.

-12 years old: Family moved to the Gold Coast, Australia and first overseas experience.

-21 years old:  Moved to the bustling and glistening Sydney to embark on a digital marketing career. First ever trip back to Japan.

-28 years old: Got married and second visit to Japan.

-30 years old: Move back to Tokyo for my husband’s work. Start Native Expat blog.

Questions, comments or just want to say ‘hey!’?

If you:

  1. have a similar experience like me and want to share,
  2. have any questions about the blog (including wanting any Japanese travel tips), or
  3. want to just have a chat

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