5 Signs that summer is approaching Japan

seared bonito don in summer

June 1 officially marks the start of summer and it's started to feel like it too. How can I tell? Here are the 5 signs that we've noticed that summer is approaching Japan:  Rain 🌧 June was called "水無月" (Minaduki, characters meaning water, nothing, moon/month) and apparently it meant that it's a month of rain. Sure … Continue reading 5 Signs that summer is approaching Japan

Weekend in Kanazawa

Kanazawa castle wall in Kanazawa Central Japan photographed by Native Expat 2019

Kanazawa in Ishikawa prefecture is one of three prefectures in the 北陸 (Hokuriku or Central Japan) and it was a perfect quick weekend getaway from Tokyo when my parents visited my husband and me from Australia. It felt odd to welcome my Japanese parents from Australia to Tokyo and I felt guilty for not being … Continue reading Weekend in Kanazawa