A quick autumnal nature getaway from Tokyo

Tokyo is packed with great restaurants, bars, shops, museums - a city for an all-day and all-night entertainment. Sometimes, the concrete jungle and the neon lights get a bit too much and you want to get back to nature to decompress. ⛰Mount Takao⛰ is the answer for Tokyoites like us: quick and easy access to … Continue reading A quick autumnal nature getaway from Tokyo

Summer weekend in Sapporo

sapporo otaru milk scallop seafood sapporo university crab all the good things of sapporo hokkaido photographed by native expat

A lucky business trip to Sapporo last Monday gave us an opportunity to travel to the prefecture that I most wanted to visit in Japan, the northern island in Japan, Hokkaido. After landing in Chitose Airport at 8:30am on Saturday, we caught the train for 50 minutes into the city center, Sapporo. It was quite … Continue reading Summer weekend in Sapporo