Autumnal Equinox Day

For two weekends in a row in September 2019, Japan is celebrating a public holiday on a Monday and this Monday is 秋分の日 (Shuubun no hi, Autumnal Equinox Day)🍂.

In English, it makes total sense what the day involves but I wasn’t too sure what “Shuubun” meant besides the character for “Shuu” is 秋, autumn (Aki on its own).

autumnal equinox day in Japan public holiday celebrated in September
(this is a stock image from Canva and not how Tokyo looks like now)

What is “Shuubun” in “Shuubun no hi”?

In Japan, we divide the year into 24 seasonal moments and often when a change in the season is represented. Shuubun is one of them when the length of day time and night time are equal ☀🌝 and the day aligns with when the sun crosses the “Shuubun ten” or Shuubun point, Autumnal point.

This is one of the few public holidays that isn’t shifted to the closest Monday but it shifts by one or two days. Apparently, until 2044 Autumnal Equinox Day will fall on September 23 unless it’s a leap year when it will be the day before, September 22.

Does it feel like Autumn?

A few days after Typhoon Faxai landed on September 9, Tokyo was ridiculously hot. It was even hotter than summertime where the maximum temperature shot up to 37 degrees and high humidity.
Saying that the minimum temperature is much more bearable in the low twenties which makes sleeping easier and little to no reliant on air conditioning (hooray!).

Thanks to two weekends in a row and my husband’s work perks, I have been back in Sydney, Australia (where I have lived 9 years of my life) for the first time since I have moved back to Japan 🇦. After the whole trip is finished when I’m back home in Tokyo, I’ll like to share a full debrief on the next post.

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